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An opportunity for both of us to grow!


• 2 spots available to be a case study for my Limitless Movement program

• 8 or 16 week program to restore or optimize your movement, depending on your current level

• a very thorough "rewiring" of your movement, intended to greatly increase your movement options and work potential, now and long term

• 2-3 in-studio workouts + DIY videos and homework

• designed to be a restoration OR kickstart for your movement, but can be a lot more depending on your needs and commitment level


• goal is to complete a successful Limitless Movement journey and share your story when completed

• to further develop "take home" resources and success strategies for program

• to offer a unique opportunity to create big changes in your body and movement and generate constructive feedback for the program


** although weight loss is not a goal, it is often a welcomed byproduct of postural and movement shifts


• anyone looking to improve their movement function, now and long-term

• anyone looking to increase their work load/ intensity and want to build resiliency first

• especially anyone dealing with nagging injuries or pain/ discomfort

• especially runners dealing with ongoing/ reoccurring injuries or pain

• especially anyone who has seen a noticeable limitation(s) in their movement



• 2 or 3 in-studio workouts or online via Zoom

• take home follow-along videos for specific work

• full communication during your journey

• full-on workload (commitment required)

Contact Lee for pricing.

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