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(What you're looking at here is J's workout gear and what I call, the "Fitness Gear Evolution". In J's case, we see your standard all-black gear, evolving to a fine leopard print. You can learn so much about the shift in a person's psyche and mental state, as well as the amount of self-improvement work they have done, by the brightness in their pinks or blues, or even the fine animal prints!)

J has been on her new Limitless Journey now for just about 6 months. It was at that point the we realized a shift was necessary; we decided to go a little deeper and truly restore movement, starting at the soft tissue. J has committed to consistent diligence with her MFR work and has slowly but surely committed to creating the last few shifts in her lifestyle to truly facilitate the profound change she's after. It has been a pleasure to witness this dramatic, albeit quick, transformation, not only in the physical changes that have been made, but the self work that has gone into other aspects of health. Here are J's thoughts on the journey so far:

1) What were you experiencing, physically, before starting this new journey?

"Old sports injuries inhibited my mobility and were causing acute muscle pain and stiffness that made it hard for me to get through a full active workout session without having to stop"

2) What changes have you noticed so far?

"I have greater access to my muscles, I feel stronger and straighter, my day to day muscle pain has been reduced and I have increased flexibility in my joints"

3) What has made the biggest difference for you so far?

"A daily MF routine with balls and (integrated) body strength exercises"

4)Where do you see yourself, when your movement is in fact limitless?

"practical strength and Efficiency: able to engage in whatever activities I want with full body autonomy and freedom"

Stay tuned for more exciting details of J's transformation, I have no doubt that in another few months the progress will be profound and she will be on the way to enjoying true freedom in her movement.

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